Invigorating & Bold

This season's fabrics and patterns are a blast of bold…

Fresh Color Trends

  • Bright, clean colors. Orange continues to show longevity. Uplifting tones of lemon-yellow and citrus green.
  • Anything natural such as easy beige, soft sands, and ivory.
  • Sandy-beach and lighter tones ranging from softer almond browns to linen to ivory.

Modern Design Trends

  • Asian themes such as birds, exotic foliage, calligraphy and subtle touches of textured linens and silks.
  • Vintage vibe - combine casual vintage chic and modern sophistication.
  • Nature is always a predominant theme. Achieve it by applying natural textiles of cottons, linens and even wool.

The upturn of confidence continues with designs that are invigorating yet naturally elegant.