Progress & Revival

This collection offers a dynamic mix of classic design styles and vibrant color palettes, bringing exquisite style to relaxed interiors and giving a new meaning to the word 'Revival'.

Design Trends

  • Colourful large-scale digital prints, especially with a natural theme, remain at the forefront of design trends
  • The newest looks emphasize honeycomb shapes & 3D designs, but everything goes with this enduring trend
  • Traditional embroidery stitch techniques are utilized to create modern designs


Color Trends

  • Green continues to be a very strong influencer; nature-inspired tones from dark emerald to vivid citrus lime
  • Navy blue and white combinations are on the rise, while turquoise remains a refreshing choice
  • Dazzling hot pinks are overshadowing violet as a go-to, and are truly becoming a palette staple

Striking a balance between classic staples and the myriad trends on offer ensures longevity and enduring style.